East Harling Internal Drainage Board District covers an area extending from Caston in the east, Roudham in the west, north to Hockham, and south to East Harling. The IDB are responsible for maintaining all the main streams and rivers in this area. The Board is located entirely within the Breckland Distrtict Council area.

The Board is formed from representatives from local farmers, conservation bodies, and local Councillors (from Breckland Council and Attleborough Town Council).

The Board is financed from Drainage Rates paid by farmers and landowners, a precept on the Council Tax, and contribution from the Environment Agency.

In addition the Board  review all planning applications for property development affecting the Board, and consent appplications for surface water runoff from new developments. Developers are required to pay the Board a Surface Water Development Contribution based on the size of the development and rate of runoff.

The Board has responsibility for conservation matters within the Board area, and for enhancing bio-diversity.

River Thet proposed demainment – update

 East Harling IDB has been working with the Environment Agency to look at a proposal to demain a section of the River Thet.  This was part of a national project looking at demainment across the country.

 On Tuesday 14 March 2017, following detailed discussions with the Secretary of State for the Environment, Defra officials, the Environment Agency, and the Association of Drainage Authorities (ADA) announced changes to the Frontrunner project and the next steps for demaining. These changes include a reduction in the number of locations that will progress towards demainment.  The River Thet is not going to be progressed at this stage, and will be revisited in spring 2018.

 For more information please see the ADA website: http://www.ada.org.uk/2017/03/ada-announces-first-tranche-river-maintenance-transfer-de-maining-pilots/

 Any questions about this, please contact Liz Taylor from the Environment Agency: PSO-Brampton@environment-agency.gov.uk

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